Files Supporting the Cell Phone Spectrometer Experiment

Alexander Scheeline and Kathleen Kelley

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Modules for High School Teachers

The links below were employed as part of a course for high school teachers supported by the EnLiST (Entrepreneurial Leadership in Science Teaching and Learning) program, supported by the National Science Foundation, grant 08-31820, June, 2009. See the EnLiST website.

Theoretical Background (teachers)

Theoretical Background (high school students)

How to Build Spectrometer


Links to Software Source Files

Here is the full set of source files, latest update March 7, 2012.

Here is an earlier version of everything, zipped. This version will not work with European character sets, where decimal positioning is shown with a comma!

License restrictions prevent inclusion of the plotting component, ixyplot. To obtain this software, visit IOComp.

Files were used with Delphi 2007, successors to which are available from Embarcadero. Recasting of the software by users, first into a browser-friendly format and then to run directly on cell phones is encouraged. It will be easiest for users if the less proprietary versions of the software are shared with the user community through, linked to this original document.